Joe Duarte-Freelance Writer

Joe Duarte

Freelance Writer

About Joe Duarte

Joe Duarte is a classically trained journalist who has been writing about the auto industry and car culture for over 35 years.
After a few years of covering cars locally, he was named editor of Canada’s then-only year-round automotive magazine, World of Wheels, where over the next decade he helped launch an auto-industry trade publication, an annual industry directory, and an auto website. He remains the longest serving editor of the now defunct magazine.
After a few years of first helping co-found Drive, a premium-lifestyle magazine focusing on premium autos, and a stint as editor of AutoRoute, the Canadian Tire Auto Club member’s publication, he was named content manager of, where he led the Sun Media-owned autos publication through various ownership changes for 13 years, including helping to set up a French version of the site for the car-crazy Quebec market.
Since being downsized from the now defunct website, he has spent the past decade crafting copy for clients on social media, posting auto news stories for a couple websites and writing press releases for auto-industry and motorsports clients.
In his down time, the prolific author writes speculative short-story science-fiction, focusing on the abuses of technology and power.

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