As the oldest automotive brand in the U.S., Buick is a General Motors division featuring models such as the Regal, Encore, Envision, and Enclave.

David Dunbar Buick
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Current CEO:
Dan Akerson
Parent Corporation:
General Motors
Total Vehicles Sold In 2022:
Revenue In 2022:
$21.6 billion worldwide
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2024 Buick Envista: Prices, Specs, And Features

Buick shakes up the small premium SUV segment with Envista – a compact crossover for a new generation of buyers thinking outside the luxury-sedan box.

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This Refined 1961 LeSabre Convertible Reminds Us Of A Buick That Once Was

Lou Costabile explores a clean 1961 Buick LeSabre that showcases elegant Buick styling and is a throwback from the non-SUV era.

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Both Pontiac and Buick have been stellar car brands from GM, and they have had some very dependable models you can buy used.

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Why A 1987 Buick Grand National GNX Is The Ultimate Sleeper Car

The spirit of a sleeper build is an average-looking car that can go out and dust high-performance cars, and what better than your grandpa's Buick?

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Why The Buick Roadmaster Estate Is A Wagon Better Than Any SUV

While it now shows its age a little, the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon is an old-school hauler that offers more practicality than modern SUVs.

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This Is What Makes The Buick Roadmaster A Cheap And Practical Car In 2023

They don't make 'em like they used to: this is the last of its kind, the V8-powered, RWD wagon - here are its quirks and features with Doug DeMuro.

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5 Cars That Made Buick Great (5 That Ruined It)

Here are the biggest hits and misses of Buick over the years.

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12 Classic Buick Cars That'll Soon Be Worth A Fortune

Thanks to their timeless designs and growing desirability, the prices of these classic Buicks are likely to rocket soon, so grab one while you can.

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Buick Could Do Worse Than Re-Introduce The Grand National Into Their Model Lineup

The 2023 Grand National render has equal parts modern curves and iconic features from the original - we just hope they would keep it gas-powered.

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What Driving A 1987 Buick GNX Is Really Like

Throttle House’s Thomas and James take a remarkable and rare Buick GNX onto the road and discover its strengths and weaknesses.

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10 Used Buicks We'd Buy Instead Of A Ford Any Day

We’ve compiled a list of the used Buicks that are on par with their Ford counterparts, if not better.

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Here’s Why No One’s Buying Enough Buick Cars And SUVs Anymore In America

Buick is a big money earner for General Motors thanks to its Chinese market presence, but the GM brand is just small fry in its native North America.

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This 450 HP Retro-Modified Buick Grand National Is Ready To Slay A Ferrari

The 300 HP Buick GNX is an 80s American sports car that was faster than a Ferrari F40. This retro-modded Grand National has close to 450 hp!

Ranking The Best Buicks Ever Made

Buick may not always come to mind first when people think about cars, but the company has made some truly incredible automobiles in its time.

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Emelia Hartford Explains Why She Needs To Sell Half Her Collection For A Secret New Model

The automotive YouTuber is selling cars including her turbocharged Toyota Prius and a Buick GNX.

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Here's What We Know About The 2024 Buick Encore GX

Going up against the Kia Seltos and the Honda HR-V, the Buick Encore GX receives a game-changing makeover in 2024.

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Poor Decisions Doomed The Oldsmobile Jetstar 88

Steve Magnante's latest junkyard crawl showed how Oldsmobile went cheap in 1964 to save customers $70 with the Jetstar 88.

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Here’s How Much The Rare 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible Is Worth Today

Acquiring a timeless beauty, the 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible, will cost you a hefty sum in today's market.

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A 1968 Buick Skylark

55 years later, the '68 Buick Skylark remains an American muscle gem we would love to have in our driveway.

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10 Reasons Why Gearheads Should Consider Buying A Buick Regal Grand National

With a quarter-mile time that beat a Chevy Camaro, the Buick Regal Grand National captivated muscle car enthusiasts across the US at its 1980s debut.