Toyota is having a purple patch at the moment. Their sports cars like the GR Supra and GR86 are hugely acclaimed, and we have new vehicles like the 2024 Tacoma on the way. Another Toyota we are expecting soon is the 2024 4Runner, the latest iteration of the Toyota SUV. While the final design is still kept under the covers, patent images of its pickup sibling – 2024 Tacoma suggest big changes. But this mid-size SUV promises to elevate the popular model even further and create trouble for its main rivals.

The latest generation of the 4Runner has gone too long in the tooth, so it’s a good job Toyota is overhauling its SUV lineup. There is a lot riding on the 2024 4Runner. So it will be fascinating to see just what it is like when Toyota finally take the covers off it later in 2023.

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What The Rugged 4Runner Will Look Like

Toyota 4Runner Render Front End
HotCars | Rostislav Prokop

In terms of the design of the 4Runner, we are yet to see any definitive teasers or images of the new SUV. But it is expected that the 4Runner will feature the same Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA-F) as the third generation Tundra and the new Sequoia. This should mean design concepts are also shared between the various vehicles. With some similarities between the three. Our resident digital artist Rostislav Propkop has crafted a rendering of what the 4Runner may look like and it features some familiar design cues.

The grille area is similar to what see on the Sequoia as well as the design patents of the 2024 Tacoma. The headlights more aggressively shaped than on the current 4Runner. And similar to those again on the Tacoma design. Toyota’s current range of SUVs and pickup trucks are all refreshed and updated. These create much more rugged and durable looking vehicles, and we are sure the 4 Runner will follow that trend. More important though is what lies under the hood of the 4Runner, with a range of possibilities on the way for the latest version of the SUV.

A Hybrid Powertrain Will Give The 2024 4Runner Excellent Fuel Economy

 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander engine bay close-up view

Toyota is introducing hybrid power or smaller engines to many of its models and the 4Runner is likely to be no exception. The Tundra for example recently lost the 310 hp 4.6-liter V8. In its place is a 3.4-liter twin-turbo i-Force V6 engine. The Tundra and the Sequoia have also both received the new i-Force Max hybrid system, producing 437 hp. Two electric motors provide the electrical power, and it is likely a similar setup is on the way for the 4Runner as well.

While some might bemoan the loss of bigger engines, hybrid power has its advantages. These smaller engines will provide plenty of torque, with it producing 583 lb-ft of torque in the Tundra and Sequoia. Plus, there is the advantage that hybrid power can improve fuel economy. The 4Runner is a truck that will likely become a daily driver and long-distance vehicle. So Toyota will aim to squeeze as much economy out of its new powertrain as possible. Its mid-size rivals like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco may have to follow suit. Especially in a world of increasing electrification and tightening emissions.

The 2024 4Runner Will Feature A Redesigned Interior

Toyota 4Runner TRDPro bright orange parked off-road

At the moment, what we know about the new 4Runner is almost pure speculation. Toyota has been rather cagey on firm details about the new SUV and the same is true of the Tacoma. We have at least seen some teasers however of the pickup truck. Speculating as to the powertrains is risky, but it is highly likely we will see a hybrid 4Runner. Based off what the rest of Toyota’s range is doing. The same can be true of the styling, with the current 4Runner badly needing a refresh regardless.

You are also highly likely to see a massively refreshed interior as well. The latest generation of the Tundra saw just that, with a much more modern and pleasing cabin compared to its own outgoing model. Again, a new 4Runner interior would follow the trend set by many recent Toyota vehicles.

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The New 2024 4Runner Is Eagerly Anticipated

Toyota 4Runner render, side, gray
HotCars | Rostislav Prokop

The speculation for the new 4Runner SUV has been through the roof for many months. So its only natural that we are waiting on tenterhooks to see just what Toyota has to offer for its latest SUV. Speculation can be dangerous. But we feel that a refreshed interior, a more rugged design and a new range of powertrains are safe bets for the latest edition of the 4Runner. There is a slim chance the vehicle may not get revealed in time for the 2024 model year. But it is highly likely as well that news will come soon regarding this latest Toyota SUV.

Sources: Toyota, Rostislav Prokop