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Peter Akpejeluh is a content writer with years of experience in the automotive industry. His love for cars makes crafting colorful stories around them quite effortless. When Peter is not developing automotive content, you can find him taking one of his favorite cars for a spin.

2014 Kia Forte 1
13 Glaring Problems With Kia Cars No One Tells You About

The Korean brand has lately been dominating the market with a combination of quality and low prices, but owning a Kia isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

The luxurious 2023 Toyota Sequoia. 1
10 Japanese Cars That Have The Best Long-Term Reliability

More than a decade's worth of data and statistics prove that these Japanese cars have the best shot at running forever.

Red 2023 Dodge Charger GT AWD 1
10 Best Cars For Snow In 2023

From sedans to sports cars, these cars are all equipped to handle snow and ice with ease.

Red 2023 Genesis G70 SS on the road 1
10 Car Brands That Sell The World’s Safest Cars

Driving cars can be dangerous, which is why we expect as much protection as possible – these automakers have taken safety to the next level.

2018 Lexus LC  1
Here Are The Best Lexus Models To Buy Used (2 We'd Stay Away From)

Lexus may be well known for the reliability and build quality of their cars, but that doesn't mean all used Lexus models are worth the money.

2018 Magnetic-MUSTANG 1200x628 1
10 Reliable Fords That Are Known For Their Low Running Costs

The Blue Oval has produced some reliable cars over the years, but these Fords stand out as the cheapest to maintain and repair.

Grey 2023 Toyota GR Supra - Parked  1
10 Affordable Sports Cars To Buy In 2023

The world's latest and greatest sports cars serve up the perfect balance of performance, technology, and space and don't have to break the bank.

2006 BMW 330i 1
10 Most Reliable Cars BMW Ever Produced

Encapsulating the best of German engineering, BMW offers luxury cars with power and great performance, but they're not all dependable models.

GMC Sierra Diesel Power & Other Specs Leaked 1
11 Most Reliable Diesel Pickup Trucks You Can Buy Used

While they boast superior hauling and towing capabilities due to high torque, not all diesel trucks are reliable. Here are 11 that'll last a lifetime.

Red 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 parked 1
11 Classic Pontiac Cars That Could Soon Be Worth A Fortune

Thanks to their evergreen designs and increasing demands, the values of these classic Pontiacs are bound to go up soon.

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 1
10 Affordable American Cars That Could Bankrupt You Through Repairs

These American cars prove that a cheap car doesn't always mean trouble-free ownership.

Front 3/4 view of a lime green Soul EV 1
5 Most Reliable Kia Models To Buy Used (5 To Stay Away From)

Kia is one of the most reliable car brands in 2023, but some of its models are still best avoided.

2015 Dodge challenger SRT Hellcat 2  1
6 American Performance Cars That'll Last You 200,000 Miles (6 That'll Crumble)

Some American performance cars are built to outlast their owners; for others, reliability is merely an afterthought.

Red Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 muscle car parked 1
10 Muscle Cars That Are Built For Performance Driving

You can count on these muscle cars to deliver fire-breathing performance.

Red 2015 Toyota Camry on the road 1
10 Best Car Brands Known For Their Low Maintenance Costs

If you don’t want to sweat over maintenance and repair bills, shop with these reliable car brands.

Blue 2023 Porsche 911 on drag strip 1
10 Luxury Cars With The Best Resale Value

Heavy depreciation is one of the most annoying quirks of modern luxury cars, but these 10 defy the norm.

2010s Toyota Tacoma 1
10 Glaring Problems With Toyota No One Talks About

From excessive oil consumption to sudden unintended acceleration, these are the problems Toyota owners suffer in silence.

Black 1998 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Police Car on the road 1
10 Classic American Cars That Were Used In Law Enforcement

Long before the likes of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility, these American classics maintained law and order.

'80s Buick Bandit and '90s Pontiac GNX 1
5 Cars That Made Buick Great (5 That Ruined It)

Here are the biggest hits and misses of Buick over the years.

Black Suzuki X-90  parked 1
The Least Reliable Cars From Regular Car Brands

It’s hard to find regular cars that beat these when it comes to unreliability.

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