South Korea's oldest car manufacturer, Kia has a reputation for offering low-cost vehicles to consumers today.

Kia logo dealership
DennisM2 via Flickr
June 9, 1944
Kim Chul Ho
Seoul, South Korea
Current CEO:
Song Ho-Sung
Total Vehicles Sold In 2022:
2.78 Million
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Kia is one of the most reliable car brands in 2023, but some of its models are still best avoided.

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Kia has been making killer moves in the Electric SUV world. Their latest addition, the EV9 SUV, may be the most luxurious, quirky and tech-filled yet.

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The Kia EV9 recently broke cover, and it's not just a great looking electric SUVs, it is also coming after the Tesla Model X with its 300+ mile range.

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The 2024 Kia EV9 is the all-electric Telluride with plenty to charm to take on the ageing Tesla Model X.

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The Niro EV Wave comes with an all-new design that is quite appealing, but it comes with a hefty MSRP for what it is.

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