EVs have gained significant popularity in recent years, but that doesn’t mean electric cars are the best choice for everyone. At least not yet. While it may take EVs a while to catch up in terms of cool features and tech, hybrids on the other hand have already been around for a while and are still a great choice for those looking to cut back on their carbon footprint. Plus, some hybrids are a lot cooler than you might think.

There’s no doubt that their combination of gas-powered and electric engines helps hybrids provide better fuel efficiency, performance, and range as compared to traditional vehicles. On top of these standout features, some hybrids are so cool, you can never go wrong when picking them.

From luxury rides and ultra-premium features to sporty designs and highly efficient performances, these 10 hybrids simply stand out from the crowd. Below are our top picks for 10 hybrids that we'd buy over an EV any day.

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10 BMW i8

A BMW i8 Roadster E-Copper with Frozen Grey accents

The BMW i8 looks like a concept car for the road. A future classic, the BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that combines futuristic looks with impressive performance. In fact, this is more of a sports car and a stylish one at that! Going from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, the i8 is an incredibly fast hybrid that boasts an all-electric driving range of 18 miles. This makes it a fabulous choice for shorter commutes or around-town driving.

But it’s not just the performance that makes this BMW so cool. The futuristic design offers a low-slung body with scissor doors. This gives it a distinctive appearance. Apart from this, more high-tech gadgets in the cabin and premium leather upholstery simply make the BMW i8 our go-to hybrid over EVs any day.

9 Lexus LC 500h

Combining refined performance with sleek styling, the Lexus LC 500h is a luxury hybrid coupe you cannot miss. It also features a sophisticated suspension system that’s guaranteed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even when accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, which it does without breaking a sweat!

The LC 500h’s looks are what really set this hybrid apart from any EV. The coupe’s sleek lines and distinctive grille give it a bold appearance. Additionally, the luxurious interior features high-quality materials and advanced technology, such as the 10.3-inch infotainment touchscreen and a premium audio system. There's a reason why Lexus remains one of the most reliable brands today, and all of these exciting capabilities make this Lexus a premium hybrid vehicle that is difficult to top.

8 Porsche Panamera Hybrid

A Cherrymetallic Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Who says you can’t get a sports car and a luxury sedan in one? The Porsche Panamera Hybrid is a prime example of this, providing the performance and handling of a sports car along with the comfort and luxury of a high-end sedan. This wicked-cool hybrid also boasts a comfortable and spacious interior with advanced tech and superior-quality materials.

The Panamera Hybrid is certain to give any car a run for its money, no matter if it's an EV or a traditional gasoline car. This hybrid has a sleek and sporty outlook which makes it a winner over any electric vehicle any day of the week. With a low-slung appearance and aggressive lines, this is one powerful hybrid that screams superiority, and it is certain to turn heads anywhere it goes.

7 Volvo S60 Recharge

Featuring a Scandinavian design and a high-performance hybrid powertrain, the Volvo S60 Recharge is yet another car on this list that you’d have no problem choosing over an EV. This luxury hybrid sedan delivers a combined output of 400 horsepower! Plus, there are plenty of power-packed features available such as high-quality materials, advanced safety tech, and a spacious, comfortable cabin.

However, it’s the elegant and minimalist design that truly sets this Volvo apart. The sophisticated style gives this sedan a sleek and understated body, while additional tech such as adaptive cruise control and a large touchscreen infotainment system solidify its status as a gem of a hybrid. In short, there are not many EVs out there that can match the coolness of this Volvo.

6 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Plug-in Hybrid

This Mercedes is a luxury hybrid sedan, combining the performance and luxury of a high-end sedan with the eco-friendliness of a hybrid. Its spacious cabin is equipped with advanced techs, such as a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a 13-speaker Burmester audio system. Plus, a high-functioning hybrid powertrain gives the E-Class Plug-in Hybrid the ability to reach 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

Still not convinced? The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Plug-in Hybrid stands out with its elegant and refined design, which definitely puts it up there with some of the coolest hybrids available. The sleek sedan body and luxurious interior with high-quality materials of this hybrid are just some highlights that even a top-notch EV will struggle to match. Given how Mercedes has perfected the art of making top-notch hybrids, this Merc is simply an unmistakable option.

5 Audi A8 L TFSI e

A Plasma blue Audi A8 L TFSI e

The Audi A8 L TFSI e is yet another hybrid that anyone would be happy to pick over an EV. This sedan hybrid turns heads with its aerodynamic body and sharp lines which help give this Audi a distinctive and powerful appearance. Apart from blending the comfort and luxury of a sedan with sports-car-esque features, the Audi A8 hybrid packs a hybrid powertrain that delivers a combined output of 443 horsepower. That's some decent power under the hood that's even better than a good sports car.

There are a host of other features such as premium leather upholstery, advanced safety features, adaptive cruise control, and plenty more. And with the hard-hitting Bang & Olufsen audio system, there’s no doubt this Audi passes the coolness test by miles.

4 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

Cars like the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid are coolness personified. This is one hybrid that you can pick over any EV and live happily ever after. Advanced tech, sleek and sporty appeal, a powerful hybrid powertrain, a well-appointed cabin with a Bose audio system - any feature you desire, the Q50 Hybrid has got it! Additionally, the Q50 Hybrid can travel short distances in electric-only mode, providing a quiet and smooth driving experience while producing zero emissions.

The sedan’s sporty lines and distinctive grille are some of the boldest you would find on the market. Simply put, the aggressive styling of this sporty sedan hybrid will beat any top EV even on a bad day.

3 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring

The Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring boasts a V6 engine along with a hybrid powertrain. This means guaranteed power and performance in an eco-friendly fashion. What’s even cooler is the fact that this Lincoln is among a handful of vehicles that currently feature the “Phone As a Key” feature allowing drivers to use their smartphone as a key to unlock and start the vehicle.

The Aviator Grand Touring is simply a superior choice over any EV. Its high-tech features and elegant design are an unmatchable combo. The fact that this SUV can reach 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds definitely makes this Lincoln a winner in our books. Also, did we forget to mention the 28-speaker Revel Ultima audio system?

2 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota RAV4 Prime - Front Quarter

The RAV4 Prime is another hybrid SUV on this list. This rugged and sporty hybrid is truly a gift from Toyota, and there's no doubt it is one of the most versatile SUVs on the market. With premium features and a spacious cabin, the RAV4 Prime is certain to make noise anywhere it goes – not because of the engine, though, but because that’s smooth as a feather. Instead, this is all thanks to that impeccable JBL audio system.

What else? The SUV’s bold lines and aggressive grille give it a powerful and adventurous look, whereas the available two-tone paint options also add a touch of personalization. In other words, the Toyota RAV4 Prime is our top pick over EVs any day.

1 Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is indeed a very cool hybrid car that deserves a mention on this list. It boasts a sleek and sporty look, offering impressive performance with unique hybrid functionality. The most impeccable feature of the Polestar 2 is probably the 78 kWh battery pack which can provide a range of up to 233 miles on a single charge. And that too with a combined output of 408 horsepower that can help it go 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. That’s just 0.3 seconds shy of the BMW i8! Furthermore, upcoming models are reportedly set to take the single charge range much higher.

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In addition to its impressive performance, the Polestar 2 features a comfortable and luxurious cabin equipped with advanced tech, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 13-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, and a bunch of advanced safety features. The car's minimalist and modern design also sets it apart, with unique lighting elements. Overall, the Polestar 2 is a very cool hybrid car that offers a compelling blend of performance, style, and sustainability, and we’d be happy to pick it over an EV any day.