You’ve seen the videos and maybe read the press release; but the real test of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170’s execution will be to have it pass through Jay Leno’s garage on YouTube.

Presenter and epic garage owner Jay has reviewed and driven many cars from rare Italian icons to modern muscle cars, and the Demon 170 will have to do more than pull off a 2-second 0-60 mph time to impress him.

Luckily, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis is along for the ride to provide the details on what makes the 170 special. Here’s a reminder of what’s going on under the skin of the last Dodge muscle car, and what makes it especially quick on the drag strip.

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The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 Likes A Drink

Jay introduces the car and says that this one sitting in his garage showroom is none other than the actual car that got brought in by helicopter for the Dodge reveal.

Joining Jay is Tim, CEO of Dodge, who reminds us that the car is all-new under the metal – what began as an upgraded Demon turned into a completely-new machine, although it does look very familiar.

The 6.2-liter engine and drivetrain all got reworked, still displacing 6.2-liters and supercharged, but outputting 1025 hp with E85 fuel, otherwise it’s 900 hp. That’s still a significant boost, and on the road later in the driving sequence Leno says that it is fast. It’s flex fuel so can adapt to whatever blend of alcohol you throw at it – legend has it that it likes single-malt scotch, though.

Most of the engine is new, the wheels are new and provide faster acceleration due to a new design, and the tires fitted to this car help it to reach its 1.66-second 0-60 mph time on a prepped surface with alcohol at the helm.

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What Jay Leno Likes About The Demon 170

Inside, the single seat’s design (a passenger seat will probably be available for a $1 charge, like the original Demon) gets approval from Leno. He says it’s the perfect kind of large, comfortable seat to drive to Vegas in compared to a small, cramped Recaro bucket seat.

He also likes the fact that Dodge make this car, and that it focuses on the fun factor, which is what makes this car – and also muscle cars – much-loved by the public. He’s giving away a present of 6 bottles of the Jay Leno Garage car cleaning products with every Demon.

On the road, Leno likes the ability of the car to pull hard, smoke its tires and how well-put-together it feels, unlike the muscle cars of old that would be big, heavy and fast in a straight line only – he says this one feels like a ballet dancer in comparison.