YouTube channel TFJJ posts videos focusing on supercars primarily in the London area. He also posts other various content such as attending hypercar meets internationally.

In this latest TFJJ video, he showcases a veritable army of Gordon Murray Automotive cars. For those unfamiliar, former Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray is one of the people behind the design of the original Mclaren F1.

TFJJ finds a line of T.50 cars on display in all colors of the rainbow as well as a GMA T.33 model now available in a convertible Spider trim. While absolutely gorgeous vehicles to just gawk at, these GMA T.50s put out a symphony of music. TFJJ does them justice by posting this unadulterated video of pure V12 revving bliss.

1 Of 100 GMA T.33 Spider

First focusing on the GMA T.33 Spider on display, TFJJ shows all angles of the ultra-exclusive supercar. The T.33 Spider has just 100 production units made and sells for $2.3 million. It shares the same naturally-aspirated 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 as the T.33 Coupe good for 617 HP.

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The British-made engine revs to an insane 11,100 RPM and is a true driver's car available only with a six-speed manual gearbox. Calling it a more-usable everyday car from GMA, TFJJ gives up-close views of the immaculate detail in the car's interior with Alcantara-suede-covered surfaces galore.

Symphony For Motorheads: 650 HP V12 GMA T.50 Revving To 12,500 RPM

YouTube @TFJJ

Moving on to the GMA T.50s, TFJJ shows a row of about half-a-dozen T.50's parked next to each other. A few of the cars have the gorgeous mid-engine in plain view with the Lamborghini-style hoods pointing towards the sky wide-open. The fan on the back of the car provides a striking overall aesthetic along with two large-diameter exhaust pipes sticking out of the mesh rear vents.

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TFJJ lets the song of the V12 engines blare as a few of the T.50 owners rev their engines. The 650 HP V12 Cosworth power plant goes from a surprisingly smooth droning idle noise to a beautiful exhaust and engine note as the owners feather the gas over and over again. It's safe to say that these engines sound very similar to previous F1 engines. The engine sounds tight, controlled, and indicative of a finely-tuned race-ready monster.

TFJJ finishes the video off by taking a walk through the parking lot which is absolutely littered with supercars. There's even a GMA T.50 prototype with a single driver's seat in the center of the car. TFJJ does not disappoint with this video which is equal parts eye and ear candy.