The 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 improves on the ID.4 SUV. It's got more power, better range, and advanced tech inside the cabin. Volkswagen is sizing up its EV line-up in North America, and the ID.7 will be a battery-powered replacement for the Passat. It'll be built in Germany and start reaching US dealerships sometime next year, butting heads with other luxury EV sedans like the Tesla Model 3. Volkswagen hasn't shared much, but from what we know so far, the new ID.7 will likely be pretty evenly matched with the Tesla.

Pricing and trim levels aren't out yet. But they are likely to be similar to the ID.4. It's a while before the ID.7 goes on sale in the US. But there are a bunch of reasons why you should hold off on buying a Model 3 and wait for Volkswagen's all-new electric sedan instead.

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The 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 Will Have The Power To Match The Model 3

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Front Three Quarters 1

The Model 3 comes with three distinct trim levels. The base gets a single motor, rear-wheel drive setup that's good for 271 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Tesla claims 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. The mid-level Long Range gets a dual-motor setup. The front motor puts out 184 hp, while the rear has 241 horses.

The most aggressive Model 3 is the Performance which also has a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with a combined power output of 470 horsepower. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a claimed 3.1 seconds.

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Rear Side Profile

When the ID.7 goes on sale in the US next year, it'll have a single motor, rear-wheel drive setup as its only powertrain option. Volkswagen claims a power output of 282 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque, a minor bump compared to Model 3's base trim. 0 to 60 mph will come in 5 seconds, giving it a leg up the Model 3.

Later on, the ID.7 will also get a dual-motor all-wheel drive version with more power and faster acceleration. But until that happens, the base ID.7 will be a solid rival for the entry-level Model 3.

2025 Volkswagen ID.7 Promises Superior Driving Range

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Front profile Driving

The ID.7 will get a 77 kWh battery pack, which it'll borrow from the ID.4 SUV. In the standard rear-wheel drive, single-motor setup, Volkswagen is aiming for 300 miles of driving range with it. A larger 86 kWh battery pack might join the line-up too. According to the European WLTP cycle, this one offers 436 miles of range in the single motor ID.7. This figure will drop according to the US EPA cycle.

But Volkswagen will likely use the larger battery pack for ID.7's dual-motor version. The range might decrease with higher power output and faster acceleration, but it should still be close to 350 miles.

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Rear Profile

The Model 3's rear-wheel drive trim has a claimed driving range of 272 miles. So if Volkswagen can achieve 300 miles with the ID.7's 77 kWh pack, it should tip the scales in its favor. According to EPA, the Model 3 Long Range has an impressive driving range of 358 miles, and the Performance is rated for 315 miles. The dual-motor all-wheel drive ID.7 must have similar figures to be evenly matched with the Tesla in this area.

The Model 3 has the backing of Tesla's solid Supercharger network of DC fast-chargers. The 240 - and 120 - Volt outlets juice up the 3' batteries fast. Volkswagen is yet to reveal charging times for the ID.7. But we expect them to be closer to the numbers that the ID.4 offers.

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2025 Volkswagen ID.7 Interior Shows Model 3's True Age

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Interior

The 2025 ID.7 gets a spacious interior. The layout is simple and neat. The steering wheel is similar to the ID.4 SUV. But here, a large 15-inch screen sits in the center. It's the main infotainment screen, and unlike the ID.4, the driver's display is a much smaller setup. The EV sedan will offer an augmented-reality head-up display and loads of storage capacity. Interestingly, though it's a sedan, the ID.7's trunk has a liftback gate, similar to what you see on the Arteon.

Compared to the Model 3, ID.7's cabin looks more lively thanks to brighter colors and a crisper layout. It'll also have better quality materials. Though both have large central screens, the Volkswagen EV will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, which you can't have on the Tesla. Overall, the minimalist layout of the 3 looks outdated compared to what the ID.7 sedan offers.

Advanced Driver Assistance Tech Makes The ID.7 Safe

2024 Volkswagen ID7 Front profile

The Tesla Autopilot makes the Model 3 one of the most advanced EVs in terms of driver assistance tech. The system is pretty easy to use and intelligent. But other automakers are catching up to Tesla's feats in this area. And we expect the ID.7 to offer similar levels of driver assistance tech. Taking a hint from the ID.4, it'll come with standard adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking, and pedestrian detection.

Source: Volkswagen