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Mini Aceman Concept and Designer in Japan 1
EXCLUSIVE: Talking To Mini’s Head Of Design About The Aceman Concept And The Brand

We took a look at the futuristic fun Mini Aceman concept car, chatting with Mini's Head Of Design Oliver Heilmer about his creation.

2023 Formula Drift Long Beach cars and palm trees 1
EXCLUSIVE: What Formula Drift Champion Fredric Aasbo Thinks Of New Rules At Round 1 In Long Beach

Formula Drift returned to the streets of Long Beach with new qualifying rules, more prize money, and all the expected tire shredding action.

urus render front 3/4 1
EXCLUSIVE: Lamborghini Urus Baja Racer Render Imagines A Budget-Free Build For The Dunes

We decided we want to see what it's like to build a Lamborghini Urus Baja Racer for the dunes.

Oldsmobile Rocket Render Front Quarter Wheels Turned 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Oldsmobile Rocket Render Will Take Over The Restomod Scene

The Oldsmobile Rocket 88 definitely deserves more love in the world of restomods, as this render by HotCars and Rostislav Prokop proves.

Pontiac Tojan Concept front 3/4 view 1
EXCLUSIVE: Pontiac Tojan Rendering Resurrects A 1980s Icon

A fresh rendering concept brings the specialty 1980s automobile into the 21st century.

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Front Left Quarter 1
EXCLUSIVE: The Corvette Electric Era Is Inevitable And It All Starts With This Concept

The electric or hybrid Corvette render could very well become a reality.

Everrati 964 front three quarters in motion 1
EXCLUSIVE: Driving Everrati's First Porsche 964 EV Conversion In America

Everrati transformed this classic Porsche into a classy EV with equal parts performance and refinement.

Front 3/4 view of the electric 911 render in gray 1
EXCLUSIVE: This All-Electric Porsche 911 Rendering Will Change Your Mind About EV Performance Cars

We imagined what an inevitable battery-powered 911 sports car will look like in our series of renderings.

Mercedes G-Wagen Hot Rod Front Quarter Studio 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Mercedes G-Wagon Is Reimagined Into A Crazy Hot Rod

The G-Wagon hot rod concept is the truck you need to build.

Rolls Royce Hot Rod Front Quarter Wheels Turned 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Crazy Chopped Up Rolls-Royce Hot Rod Render Is Absolute Automotive Madness

What would an over-the-top Rolls-Royce hot rod look like? HotCars has imagined just that with this render concept.

Plymouth Superbird Render Front Quarter Left Side view 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Plymouth Superbird Render Is The Perfect Restomod

The Plymouth Superbird is way too valuable to restomod, so have digitally imagined what that might look like.

Richard Rawlings Talking About His New Holy Grail Cars in front of the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX 1
Exclusive: Richard Rawlings On HP, EV, And Giving Away An SRT Jailbreak

Richard Rawlings is an icon thanks to Fast-N-Loud and his car mods with Gas Monkey Garage. We sat down to talk HP, EV, and an SRT Jailbreak.

Black eMuscle rendering 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Dodge eMuscle Would Change The EV Industry Forever

We explore the muscle car scene with this Dodge EV offering that would bring iconic designs to modern electric cars.

Front shot modified GT-R R34 Fast & Furious replica 1
This Secret Underground Car Meet In Tokyo Was Like Real Life Tokyo Drift

We went to a secret underground car meet in Japan to show that the JDM scene is alive and well.

2016 BMW M4 GTS front three quarter 1
The BMW M4 GTS Is The Track Day Junkie's Dream Build From The Factory

David Ishida's one of 300 BMW M4 GTS models in the United States makes for the ultimate street and track car.

Acura Integra Type R Render Front Quarter Low Angle 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Acura Integra Type R Will Keep The Japanese Performance Market Alive

Enthusiasts keep asking Acura for a new Integra Type R, so we have decided to envision that car digitally.

Toyota 4Runner Render, Front Quarter, Gray 1
EXCLUSIVE: A New Render Changes How You Will See The Next Generation 4Runner

This reimagined Toyota 4Runner could change the SUV industry.

Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco in Blue 1
EXCLUSIVE: How This California-based Startup Is Making 600 Horsepower Electric Broncos

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Adam Roe, Zero Labs is a California-based EV firm that focuses on electrifying classic cars in an unorthodox method.

Electric Dodge Viper Render Front Quarter Gray Low Angle 1
EXCLUSIVE: This All-Electric Dodge Viper May Just Be The Future Of Performance Domestic Cars

This exclusive concept of the EV Viper render could be a reality soon.

Mitsubishi Evo XI Concept Front 1
EXCLUSIVE: This Brand-New Mitsubishi EVO XI Render Gives New Life To The Japanese Compact Sports Car Scene

If and when Mitsubishi decides to bring back the EVO, this should be the result.