Performance Cars

Whether it's improved handling or straight-line speed, performance cars offer an exciting experience to automotive enthusiasts.


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9 German Sports Cars That Made American Manufacturers Sweat

Delivering segment-leading performance packed in beautiful designs, these German sports cars were undoubtedly eyesores for American manufacturers.

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10 Most Unreliable Performance Cars That Are Not Worth The Investment

They have the looks and performance, but extremely steep maintenance costs and frequent repairs let these fast cars down.

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5 Greatest Muscle Car Engines Ever (5 That Disappointed Everyone)

Most of them are big and burly, but some American muscle car engines should have never made it under the hood.

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10 Performance Sedans That Can Outrun A Mustang GT

While the Mustang GT has been a powerful car for decades, there are better alternatives available in the market right now.

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10 Fastest V6 Cars We'd Buy Over A Muscle Car Any Day

These V6 vehicles can perform on par with some of the best muscle cars, if not better.

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The Ultimate Guide To What Muscle Cars John Wick Drives In Every Movie

Here are all the awesome muscle cars the silent assassin drives in the four John Wick movies. Remember, just don't try and steal one!

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10 Modern V8 Engines Every Gearhead Should Try Out

V8 engines can be found in anything from SUVs, to sports cars, muscle cars, and supercars. These are the best modern V8s around.

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Every Gearhead Should Buy These Cheap American Performance Cars

If you're in the market for an affordable but fast American used car, take a look at these models that offer powerful engines and great value.

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The 2023 BMW M2 Is Now What The M3 Used To Be

Bros Fourr Speed takes the all-new 2023 BMW M2 on one of their favorite mountain roads and discusses how it's now the fun sports car the M3 once was.

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10 Used German Performance Cars That Make The Ford Mustang Look Slow

Ford's iconic Pony car may be fast, but it will never catch up to these German performance machines.

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10 Cheap RWD Cars We'd Buy Over A Ford Mustang Any Day

As great as the Ford Mustang is, there are other, affordable RWD options out there.

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10 Most Powerful '60s Muscle Cars

Considered the golden era, the 1960s had muscle cars with raw, unbridled power that set a performance benchmark for decades.

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10 Most Underrated Performance Cars On The Market In 2023

These new cars are the perfect blend of affordability, speed, handling, and comfort.

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These Are 4 Of The Worst Used Cars We Should Avoid At All Costs

All cars have the ability to go wrong but these vehicles picked out at an auction should throw up red flags to anyone looking for a reliable ride.

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10 Most Expensive Muscle Cars Ever Sold

These muscle cars are super expensive due to their insane performance figures, rarity, and other qualities that make every collector's mouth water.

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This Is The Dream Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, Straight From The Nismo Omori Factory

There are GT-Rs, then there are R33 GT-Rs like this one: a dream-spec car to go alongside a fan's R32 and R34 GT-R to create a perfect collection.

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10 Reliable SUVs For Performance And Comfort

There are plenty of cool SUVs on the second hand market, but which of the best are the most reliable?

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Cat Skinner: Here's The Supercharged, Legendary Candy-Apple Gasser

It took part in the Gasser wars during the 60s, but you wouldn't be able to guess this veteran's history from its shiny red bodywork and chrome.

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10 Best European Cars For Performance And Comfort

If you're looking for a reliable and high-performance vehicle, these European cars offer the perfect blend of speed, comfort, and style.

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100 Laps, 21 Ford Crown Victorias, And 1 Oval Track: Welcome To Cleetus McFarland's Freedom 500

Lia Block, Travis Pastrana and many others take on Cleetus' Freedom 500 in some custom Crown Victorias; plenty of mayhem, contact, and crashes ensue.