Since its release, we have all raved and waxed lyrical about how good the Chevrolet Corvette C8 is. And rightly so. But the question is, is it worth the extra money over its predecessors? Such as the Corvette C5. This is something that The Fast Lane Car recently wanted to find out. They brought together the C8 Corvette and the C5 Corvette to find out how the two generations compare against each other. The results from their video show just how much faster the C8 Corvette is over its 1990s sibling. And that it is absolutely worth spending more money on the C8 Corvette.

As you might expect, the extra development over the years has ensured that the C5 Corvette is left behind by its modern counterpart. While the C5 is still impressive, you can see why it costs so much more to get your hands on the C8 Corvette Stingray.

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The Corvette C8 Blitzes The C5 In The Drag Races

As we know, the C8 Corvette has a 6.2-liter V8 with 495 hp. The mid-engine layout is what helps to make this Corvette so revolutionary. The C5 Corvette of course actually has its engine under the hood, and this is a 5.7-liter V8 with 345 hp. Unlike the C8, the engine in the C5 is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. The C8 though has a clear advantage over the C5 on paper and with launch control, the C8 will also rocket away from the line. As proven when the two cars go head-to-head.

In the C5’s defense, TFL's drag races show that it can launch off the line well. But not as well as the C8. Those extra years of development and that extra cash shows quite clearly in the results. The C8 was able to finish a drag race in 12.80 seconds with a top speed of 113.1 mph. The C5 Corvette meanwhile didn’t cross 100 mph, and the pass time was 15.55 seconds. Showing that the extra cash you spend will indeed show in the performance.

The C5 Corvette Stops Remarkably Well In The Brake Test

C5 And C8 Corvette Braking Test
via The Fast Lane Car

After the standing start race, the two cars lineup for a rolling race test. As you might expect, the C8 Corvette easily wins the rolling race as well which starts at around 30 mph. The C5 does its best to keep up but again, that extra power and development from the C8 Corvette sees it easily drive away to another victory.

That despite the C5 getting a little bit of a jump on the C5 at the start of the race. When it comes to braking performance though, this is where the C5 Corvette actually does rather well. A stopping distance of 112 ft from the C5 is really impressive. Classic Corvettes as a whole can often stop better than some more modern cars. The C8 Corvette though was able to stop even sooner than its sibling. The C8 Corvette stopped in 95 ft, meaning there is a 17 ft difference between the 20 years or so between the two cars. This is naturally what you would expect as braking technology has evolved dramatically over the years since the C5 Corvette.

Is It Worth The Extra Money On A C8 Corvette Over A C5?

Red C5 Corvette Parked Front 3/4
HotCars/Jack Santage

The answer to that question is quite an easy yes. If you want as much performance as possible, then the C8 Corvette is where your money should go. There is more power, you will have a higher top speed and some of the most impressive brakes on the market. Let’s not forget that there all sorts of fancy pieces of technology such as launch control in the C8. And of course, your usual upgrades like Apple CarPlay. Features that, as you would expect, the C5 Corvette does not have.

That isn’t to say the C5 is bad though. Far from it. The C5 Corvette was a big deal when it launched, the first of the truly modern Corvettes and still arguably one of the best looking. This is a Corvette generation that will still appeal to many people.

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Both Generations Of The Corvette Have Their Merits

C5 Corvette vs C8 Corvette Drag Race Start
via The Fast Lane Car

Both the C8 and C5 Corvettes have positives for many. The C5 has great retro features such as the pop-up headlights, as well as that sleek 1990s styling. The C8 though is just pure power and V8 performance. And, excluding the dealer markups for the Corvette, can offer great performance at a lower price than rival cars from the likes of Ferrari. So you may well find that you prefer a classic Corvette like the C5. But in terms of pure performance and outright speed, there is no contest. The C8 Corvette will win hands down, showing just how much further ahead it is with those 20 years of development.

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