After the British Motor Corporation sold the rights to BMW, Mini has been under the German brand’s aegis and has seen great success.

Mini Logo
British Motor Corporation
Munich, Germany
Current CEO:
Stefanie Wurst
Parent Corporation:
John Cooper Works (JCW)
Total Vehicles Sold In 2022:
303,138 units sold globally
Revenue In 2022:
$5.4 billion
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Why The 308-HP 2025 Mini Countryman SE Will Put The Tesla Model Y On Notice

2025 will see the third generation of the Countryman offer a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup and boast impressive performance.

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If you thought the RB26-powered 1967 Ford Mustang from ‘Tokyo Drift’ was the ultimate automotive mismatch, look at this Mini Cooper restomod.

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The Mini Pickup is a special working-class hero and a revolutionary concept that remains unsurpassed in the tiny car hall of fame.

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With the much-loved rally driver now gone, it feels somewhat appropriate to shine a light on some cool things about Paddy Hopkirk.

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Mini Seaside Edition Celebrates 30 Years Of 'Convertible' Fun

The Mini Convertible Seaside Edition is a celebration of the history, style, and icon.

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Here's What Makes The Classic Mini Cooper S Pickup So Special

Built for the common people and for commercial use, the Classic Mini Cooper S Pickup wows with its simplicity and functionality.

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The 2022 Festive Mini Is Here To Make Your Christmas The Brightest One Ever

The festive season will be made more joyous with Nico Martin, and his Festive Mini which returns for the fourth time wrapped in 3,000 twinkly lights.

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This Mini Remastered Marshall Edition Is Ready For Some Rock n’ Roll

David Brown Automotive and Marshall have collaborated on the truly stunning Mini Remastered Edition, resplendent in its black and gold.

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These Are The Problems You May Face With Owning An R56 Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S is a fun pocket rocket of a hot hatch, but the second-generation R56 model comes with its fair share of reliability issues.

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This Is How Mini Plans To Save The Manuals

Mini is launching a new manual driving course to teach young gen Z and millennial drivers the pleasure of driving stick shifts!

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Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy An R53 Mini Cooper S

The R53 Mini Cooper S has attractive prices, but buyers shouldn’t think they're getting a great deal.

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AC Schnitzer Turns The Mini JCW GP Awesome Level Up To Eleven

The Mini JCW GP is an insane car with a lot of flaws. But AC Schnitzer has managed to add its flair and make this wild Mini a "perfect" hot hatch.

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The Convertible Cooper S Resolute Edition Reminds Us Of Mini's Motorsport Glory

The highlight of the Mini Convertible Cooper S Resolute Edition over the regular version is the option of the iconic Rebel Green paint scheme.

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Here’s How Mini Just Reinvented Its Entire Range For 2023

Mini brings a mountain of new customization and models along with manual transmissions for all.

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MINI x Paul Smith: Recycling And Upcycling Done The MINI Way

This unique collaboration by MINI and Sir Paul Smith makes recycling and upcycling fun and simple.

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Mini Celebrates 20 Years In The U.S. With These Awesome Cooper S Special Editions

The Mini 20 Years Edition is a special edition based from the Mini Cooper S, as available in three distinct Patriotic colors and a manual gearbox.

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5 Reasons Why The R56 Mini Cooper S Is Awesome (5 Reasons Why We'd Rather Have The R53)

The Mini Cooper S is an exhilarating pocket rocket. But does newer really mean better?

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How The Humble Mini Cooper Won The Monte Carlo Rally Ahead Of Significantly More Powerful Cars

The original BMC Mini achieved legendary status for its unexpected success in rally racing, even in the face of American V8-powered competition.