It’s no secret that celebrities often have impressive car collections. And, honestly, we can’t blame them. It’s probably accurate to suggest that if any gear head had what felt like unlimited funds, they would splash the cash on a few cars.

There are a few celebrities who are renowned for their cars, such as Rowan Atkinson, David Beckham and of course Jay Leno.

While most of us can only dream of owning multiple cars, Jay Leno reportedly owns a staggering 185 cars and 160 motorcycles! Leno’s collection is extensive, to say the least with a range of classics and modern cars. It’s likely that if you can name it, he has an example of it nesting in his garage. Although he owns many sought after cars, he also owns plenty of obscure ones, such as classic American Muscle Cars and even a steam car.

Given Leno’s collection keeps growing, we were curious about how much it is worth in 2023.

What Rare Cars Does Jay Leno Own?

Jay Leno's Garage showing Lamborghini's
Shmee150 Via YouTube

There are lots of special cars, and vehicles can be special for a multitude of reasons. However, something that makes a car particularly coveted is rarity. Oftentimes, collectors are drawn to cars that were either made in small quantities or only have a few left. One brand you probably wont find in Leno's collection are Ferraris.

Leno appears to have an eclectic taste when it comes to cars. And among his 185 collection, he has got his hands on some incredibly rare ones. But what are his rarest cars?

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2008 Chevrolet Corvette RS C6RS

Jay Leno black 2008 Chevrolete Corvette C6RS
VINWiki Via YouTube 

Arguably one of Leno’s rarest cars is his Corvette Pratt and Miller C6RS. Leno is the proud owner of one of only seven made.

The stunning coupe was born from the already impressive 430 hp of the Corvette and was designed for those who weren’t satisfied by that or the 505 hp of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Spokesperson of Pratt & Miller, Brandon Widmer stated that “the C6RS is what a Corvette can become when not restricted by the requirements of assembly-line-based manufacturing”.

The C6RS is reportedly incredible to drive, thrilling and quick. It has the heart of a racecar but is a fully refined roadcar.

So how much would this rare Corvette set you back? According to VINWiki Leno’s C6RS is likely to be worth around $300,000.

1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

Jay Leno standing with Orange Chrysler Turbine Car
VINWiki Via YouTube

The 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car is what the comedian considers to be his favorite car. Considering he owns 185 cars in total, this is no small feat! It seems this has been a long love affair for Leno, who first saw the car when he was 12 at the 1964 World Air and knew he had to own one.

The interesting thing about this particular car is that it was never intended to be consumer legal. As a result of this, Chrysler were forced to destroy all of them that weren’t able to end up in a museum. Of the 55 made, only 9 remain and only 5 are in running condition.

Related: 10 Famous Car Collectors And Their Most Valuable CarsIt’s reported that Leno is currently the only private owner of a Turbine Car, and the others remaining are stored in museums. Because most of them live in museums, they very rarely change hands. But VINWiki reckon Leno’s running one could be worth anywhere between $5 million and $10 million.

1934 Duesenberg J Walker Coupe

Jay Leno's black 1934 Duesenberg J Walker Coupe
VINWiki Via YouTube

Another unique find in Leno’s garage is the Duesenberg Walker Coupe. While Leno owns six Duesenbergs, this one is by far the coolest. The J Walker Coupe was the most expensive Duesenberg ever built and sold for $25,000 in 1934, which was $5,000 more than any other Duesenberg. The aerodynamic body is undoubtedly stunning, and it was coachbuilt at their Indianapolis facility for a local pharmaceutical tycoon.

At its peak, the car was likely to be worth around $5 million. However, the hype for this type of car is on the decline. In today's market, it is estimated the J Walker Coupe would be worth in the range of $2.7 million to $3.2 million.

The Most Expensive Car's Owned By Jay Leno

Jay Leno's Garage showing classic cars
Shmee150 Via YouTube

As well as owning a variety of the rarest cars on the planet, the comedian also owns plenty of less rare, but incredibly sought after vehicles. In today's world, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to supercars and luxury cars, and it’s not unusual to hear of a new release that is worth millions.

Many celebrities own expensive cars, but Leno is not a Ferrari fan. He doesn’t own a single Ferrari, he is a fan of other high-end supercars. So here are some of Leno’s most valuable vehicles.

McLaren F1

Jay Leno's McLaren F1 car
VINWiki Via YouTube

It’s impossible to talk about supercars without mentioning the McLaren F1, which is widely considered to be one of the best supercars ever made. In the minds of many, the McLaren F1 is the car that started the trend of niche automakers producing highly limited numbers of cars with astronomical specs and pricing.

So when it comes to discussing Leno’s most expensive cars, the first that comes to mind is his McLaren F1. Only 106 of these were ever made, so you’re unlikely to see them on the roads. Despite this, the McLaren is one of the cars Leno drives regularly. It’s reported that he has driven roughly 13,000 miles in it since purchasing it.

The real question everyone wants to be answered, though, is how much is the McLaren F1 worth? VINWiki has appraised this stunning car at a huge $16 million.

Bugatti Type 51

Jay Leno's blue Bugatti Type 51
VINWiki Via YouTube

Anyone who’s watched Jay Leno's Garage will know that he is a huge lover of French cars and is incredibly knowledgeable about them. Because of this love it should come as no surprise that he owns several Bugatti’s.

Leno’s most expensive Bugatti is the 1931 Type 51, which was originally a Grand Prix racecar. The Type 51 is propelled by a 138 cubic inch straight-8 that makes up to 180 horsepower.

The Type 51 owned by Leno appears to be fully restored to like-new condition. While this makes it slightly less valuable than one in original condition, VINWiki estimate that it is still worth around $3.2 million.

How Much Is Jay Leno’s Car Collection Worth In 2023?

Jay Leno silver 2004 Porsche Carrera GT
VINWiki Via YouTube

It’s clear that Leno has one of the best private car collections, and we have only scraped the surface by looking at the rarest and most expensive 5. But with a garage full of 185 cars, it’s hard to imagine how much the collection is worth in total.

Luckily VINWiki have done the math for us and have valued the entire collection to be worth somewhere between a whopping $80 million to $100 million!