When it goes to great Honda sports cars, there is only one we think about. The S2000 is one of the greatest sports cars of all time, although amazingly it's not been in production since 2009. Since then, there have been the odd rumblings about a revival and whether Honda will create another S2000. But given the success of its once main rival, the Mazda MX-5, we think it is about time the S2000 did make a comeback.

We speculated not long ago what a new S2000 would look like in digital renderings. Thanks to our very own digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel who designed the perfect sports car exclusively for Hotcars. How likely a new S2000 is in the future is probably a mystery right now. But it is about time that Honda brought back its iconic and much missed sports car.

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Gearheads Have Been Crying Out For A New S2000 For Years

Honda S2000 render, rear quarter view from above
HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

A simple reason for why the S2000 should come back is simply due to demand. The S2000 sported one of the greatest transmissions of any sports car, with stunningly smooth shifts that were great fun at high revs. This is what made the S2000 a great car for gearheads, and they have been crying out for a new once since 2009. The S2000 also had up to 247 hp on offer, thanks to its F20C engine under the hood. The way the S2000 disappeared off the face of the earth was certainly unusual. Especially given models like the MX-5 and Porsche Boxster have carried on since then.

Honda hasn’t produced a true sports car since the S2000. The closest it has got since then is the S660 Kei car, but that is certainly stretching the definition of a sports car. Why Honda got rid of the S2000 isn’t 100 percent clear but the global recession of 2008 would certainly have played a part. A somewhat average fuel economy also hurt the S2000 and its sales towards the end of its production run. Even so, it's odd that Mazda was able to keep on producing the MX-5 while the S2000 simply vanished. Surely one of the great tragedies in automotive history.

A New S2000 Could Be One Of The Last Great Sports Cars

Honda S2000 concept render, front quarter view
HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

Any new S2000 is likely to be one of the very last of a dying breed. Sports cars with pure ICE or even turbo power is slowly going to get rarer and rarer. This of course is due to the electrification of the automotive industry. Many manufacturers are ending production of ICE cars, so for timing, now is the right time for Honda to create a new S2000. Before any new one becomes an electric car, something that may not sit well with all gearheads.

It would also provide a chance for it to go head-to-head with Mazda once again. This might work out for both manufacturers. Making them raise their game further and push the boundaries. The MX-5 itself is one of the last truly great sports cars left in production. Its criminal that it hasn’t got its main rival alongside it to uphold the honor of sports cars. On the flip side, the possibility of an electric S2000 is in itself quite exciting. And as Honda perfect its EV technology, that prospect only gets more and more exciting as time goes on.

Could A New Honda S2000 Be Electric?

Honda S2000 render, rear quarter view
HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

We have touched on this of course, but talk of a new S2000 does mean we are talking about the possibility of an electric version. This is more likely the longer that the wait for a new S2000 goes on. There are rumors flying around the internet right now suggesting that Honda is working on a new front-engine/rear-wheel-drive sports car. This might well be an S2000. In terms of its powertrain, we would think that it wouldn’t be electric, at least right now. Not when Toyota are churning out plenty of ICE or turbo powered sports cars.

Toyota has cars like the GR86 and GR Supra on the books. The MX-5 is of course still in production. So Honda is right now getting left behind by two of Japan’s biggest automotive manufacturers. Which is even more worrying given that the NSX has now left the market, both with the Acura and Honda name.

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We Hope Honda Does Make A New S2000

honda s2000 rendering front 3/4

While it is looking more and more unlikely as time goes on, we can certainly dream about a new S2000. We hope we see this, because the S2000 is a car that deserves a comeback. It was one of the best cars for anyone to drive. And one that is now commanding sometimes very high prices at auctions. Clearly, there is still plenty of demand for the original S2000. We would almost like to guarantee that were the S2000 to make a comeback, that Honda would sell it in their droves. Maybe our prayers for a new S2000 from Honda will one day be answered.

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