While car collecting is a hobby many enthusiasts enjoy, the wealthy takes it to a whole new level many can only dream about. Thanks to their seemingly unlimited resources, famous and wealthy car collectors have been able to amass some of the rarest, most exotic and most valuable cars in existence that turn their garages into treasure troves. There are many famous car collectors throughout automotive history, from actors and musicians to business magnates and royalty. Most car enthusiasts know about Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, and Jerry Seinfeld and their impressive collections. But none of these is as remarkable as the Sultan of Brunei's collection.

The 29th Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is one of the wealthiest people thanks to the country's abundant oil and gas resources. He also leads an extravagant lifestyle and reportedly owns a car collection with over 7,000 cars valued at approximately $5 billion. Some of the vehicles in his collection are so exclusive and rare that you'll never see them on public roads. Here are a few examples of these elusive luxury cars.

10 Bentley Buccaneer

Bentley Buccaneer
Bentley Spotting

The Bentley Buccaneer is a swooping GT coupe commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei during his peak car-buying days in the '90s. The car is so rare that it isn't even listed on Bentley's official website, making it one of a handful of Bentleys only a few diehard gearheads know about.

There isn't much on the car's specifications or how many copies Bentley built for the Sultan. Many believe there are six examples, and they are some of his favorite cars.

9 Ferrari F50 Bolide

In 1996, the Sultan of Brunei commissioned a personalized version of the iconic Ferrari F50, dubbed the Bolide. It borrowed the chassis and V12 engine of Ferrari's F1 car, but they entirely redesigned the body due to the F50's monocoque construction.

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The coupe-styled F50 Bolide is a one-off Ferrari, and there are scarce images on the internet and no verified performance data available. So, you can rest assured you'll never see it on a public road near you.

8 BMW Nazca M12

BMW Nazca M12 Concept

Giorgetto Guigiaro of Italdesign has designed several iconic cars like the Lotus Esprit and Lancia Delta. In 1991, he styled the BMW Nazca M12 concept car with a unique and striking design featuring a round greenhouse, split doors, and mirror-finish tint, making it impossible to see the occupant or interior. Under the hood, the M12 features a 5.7-liter V12 engine making 380 horsepower.

The car never reached regular production, but Italdesign built a version for the Sultan of Brunei and his brother Prince Jefri Bolkiah, and it now graces the Sultan of Brunei's garage.

7 Bentley Dominator

Bentley Dominator
Bentley Spotting

While Bentley only recently entered the trendy SUV market with the Bentley Bentayga, it wasn't the first-ever Bentley SUV. In the 1990s, the Sultan of Brunei commissioned the carmaker, to build the Dominator, a custom-built luxury SUV for the royal family.

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The British marque built six Dominators for the Sultan as part of the unique project, which kept Bentley from bankruptcy. Each Dominator costs about $4.6 million, and there is little known about its specifications.

6 Cizeta V16T

Cizeta Automobili was an Italian boutique car manufacturer founded in 1988 by Claudio Zampolli, a Lamborghini driver and automotive engineer, and the record producer Giorgio Moroder. The brand has only one car to its name, the Citeza V16T, which is one of the few performance cars with a V16 engine.

The car strikingly resembles the Lamborghini Diablo with its sharp edges and wedge-shaped profile, and it's no coincidence since they share a designer in Marcello Gandini. There are less than 20 examples built, and the Sultan of Brunei owns two, according to Business Insider.

5 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale

1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale
Autopedia Fandom

In 1988, Pininfarina built the Sultan of Brunei one of his many custom one-offs, the Testrarossa-based F90 Speciale. It borrowed all the internals of the Ferrari Testarossa, including the chassis and engine, but Pininfarina custom-built the entire body, only borrowing wheels and mirrors from the donor car.

The Sultan's family received six examples, all built and tested, shrouded in secrecy. It took Ferrari until 2005, eighteen years later, to acknowledge the car's existence.

4 Mercedes-Benz S73 T AMG Wagon

Sultan of Brunei Mercedes S73 T AMG Wagon Mercedes Blog

Sleeper wagons are some of the most fun vehicles ever built thanks to their unassuming looks, practicality, and the tons of power packed under their hoods that will see them smoke your favorite sports car for breakfast. The Sultan of Brunei owns the most badass sleeper wagon ever built – the Mercedes-Benz S73 T AMG Wagon.

The S73 T AMG is a 565-horsepower S-Class station wagon powered by a Pagani Zonda 7.3-liter V12 and can hit 200 mph+.

3 Bentley Java

Bentley Java

The Sultan of Brunei clearly loves his specially built Bentleys with the Bentley Java appearing as the third on the list. The British marque was experimenting in the early '90s trying to spice up its lineup, and in 1994, they unveiled the Java as a concept car with more modern styling than they had ever built.

The Bentley Java was to remain a concept car, but they eventually built 18 production models, most of which ended up with the Sultan's family.

2 Leblanc Mirabeau

Leblanc Mirabeau

In 2005, Swiss carmaker Leblanc released the Mirabeau, a super lightweight hypercar featuring a Koenigsegg V8. It became the fastest production car in the world, with a zero to 60 mph acceleration in 2.6 seconds and a 212 mph top speed. The car should have elevated the Leblanc into big things, but its slow sales led to the outfit's downfall. The Sultan of Brunei was among the few to splash $765,000 on a copy.

There isn't a single photo of the Sultan's car in public, and it's unclear if he's ever driven it.

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1 Aston Martin AM3

The Aston Martin AM3 is yet another secret project, styled for the Sultan of Brunei by Pininfarina. It used an Aston Martin Vantage chassis and a supercharged 5.3-liter V8 engine. Pininfarina provided the Sultan with five different designs labeled from AM1 to AM5, and only the AM3 went into production with three examples built.

No one has ever seen the cars in public, and it's likely to remain so. The only leaked images appeared while they were still at the Pininfarina factory, and the cars have probably been collecting dust in the Sultan's garage.

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