It’s inspired by the Chevrolet Nova, is rare, and sports an inline-6 engine. That last part may take away some of its credibility in the world of muscle cars, but in a small car like this, and with the know-how of Brazil’s biggest gear heads, this car demands that we take it seriously.

ThatDudeinBlue on YouTube is a stranger to few cars, but this curio passed him by until now when he gets the chance for a walkaround and ride-along with the owner. Anderson is the founder of a name you will be familiar with – FuelTech – who took this car and perfected its recipe, turning it into a raw, entertaining and very American muscle car.

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The Chevrolet Opala Is A Brazilian Muscle Car

Chevrolet in Brazil didn’t have access to American parts and so based this car off a European design from Opel (a German car brand). It did however base its design on cars like the Chevy Nova, but instead of a V8 upfront, it’s a straight-six engine.

That doesn’t mean that the Brazilians made do with 140 hp – as we learn, this car’s inline-6 is capable of 2000 hp and is in fact the most-tuned car in Brazil. It does have a certain charm and more than its fair share of Chevy Nova style.

ThatDudeinBlue meets Anderson from FuelTech, who fills him in on this Chevy Opala SS. It now makes 600 hp, but later gets turned up to 850 hp which, as we will see, is more than enough for this raw, back-to-basics machine. The 4.1-liter (252-CI) straight-6 has a FuelTech ECU package, as well as a completely built engine block, though it has the original steel head.

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How Much Does The Chevrolet Opala Cost In 2023?

Chevrolet Opala Brazilian tuner car, rear quarter view
Via: YouTube via ThatDudeinBlue

With V8 pistons and rods, the engine got upgraded and is still a 4.1-liter inline-6 (now turbocharged), which means its sound is not what Americans might expect given the muscle car vibe it exudes from outside.

This noise, which you can see the duo enjoying on the road later in the video, comes to life through the fender-exit exhaust that also spits flames, adding to the surprising menace the car demonstrates, as well as seriously big acceleration.

It’s a mini-muscle car on steroids and made all the quirkier and more interesting through its inline-6 engine and that sound.

The Opel-Rekord-based Opala got introduced in 1970 and continued in one form or another until 1992. Nowadays, the average value of the Chevrolet Opala is around $20,000 based on the 2 auctions listed on, but this Brazilian machine is a rare car in the US. This car in the video is also a custom machine, with many upgrades, making it even more valuable.